Who Are We?

Rionore Jewellery Kilkenny Castle

Rionore’s fascinating journey producing avant-garde fine jewellery began
in Kilkenny over 50 years ago in traditional 1960s Ireland.

Rionore is a play on the Irish words “Ri” and “Oir” meaning the “King of Gold”.
Inspiration came from the River Nore which meanders past the iconic Kilkenny Castle for which Kilkenny is famous.

Today it is proudly designing for a new cosmopolitan Ireland and is expanding
to share its passion for jewellery with the rest of the world.

Embracing Green Elegance

With ethicality and environmentalism as our core values,
we decided to create our new eco-friendly and elegant jewellery collection.

Rionore’s jewellery collection is produced in Ireland and Germany.

Every part of our product production is safe, efficient, and keeps the
health of the workers in focus. You’re buying from a company that cares.

With ethical manufacturing, the goal is care and love.

By purchasing Rionore jewellery you are supporting these goals while enjoying
our timeless, beautiful pieces.

“From maker to wearer and beyond the journey of a
Rionore piece can last generations. We trust
it will bring you as much joy as we had
in making it.”

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