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Skin tone and jewellery

Matching your jewellery to your face and skin tone will ensure that you will find pieces that look great on you.

The finishing touches of any outfit are the accessories. Picking jewellery to compliment a look is no easy task. Sometimes what might suit the ensemble might not suit the person. Have you ever wondered why that is the case? Well we may be able to solve this riddle for you. It’s all down to the tone of your skin. If you have no idea what that means? You are about to find out.

Skin tone is not the colour of your skin, this can change depending on exposure to the sun but the undertones will always be the same. Skin tone is divided into three categories. Warm, Cool and Neutral. This undertone will determine what colours will look good on you. Most ladies will be familiar with the concept when buying make up, specifically foundation. This applies to everything from make up to clothes but we are going to focus on jewellery because well, that’s what we do!

There are a couple of simple ways of figuring out your skin tone. Turn your arm and look at your wrists. What colour are your veins? If they appear to be green in colour than you have a warm skin tone. If they appear to be blue in colour than you have a cool skin tone. If you can’t tell what colour they are then you have a neutral skin tone.

The next little way of checking is to get a piece of plain white paper. Position yourself in natural light and hold the paper to your face. If the skin looks yellowish against the white paper then you have a warm skin tone. If the skin looks pinkish or rosy against the white paper than you have a cool skin tone. If the skin appears gray then you probably have a neutral skin tone.

So now we are armed with this information we can chose the jewellery to compliment the tones in our skin. Warms tones will compliment yellow and rose gold. Stick with yellow, orange and green in colour if you want to add some gemstones. Cool tones will look best with silver or white gold paired with red, purple and blue stones. Neutral are the lucky ones who can wear what they like. Matching your jewellery and skin tone will help you will find pieces that look great on you.

If all else fails there’s one’s fallback that never fails…… Diamonds look good on everyone!