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My Favourite Piece; The Wedding Ring

I was engaged before. This time was different. It was for keeps I could tell. When we went looking for the diamond ring I didn’t want traditional. Been there, done that. Those diamond solitaires held no allure for me anymore. I wanted something completely different.

When I saw my ring it was an instant YES! I loved the square shape and the fact that the diamonds were different cuts. It wasn’t being sold as an engagement ring but that suited me down to the ground. I had never seen one quite like it and we bought it there and then. The wait for it to be resized was painful. I just wanted it on my hand forever more.

When it came time to buy the wedding bands there was a bit of a problem. The shape of the ring meant that any band that I tried got lost. The ring was totally invisible behind my glorious square centrepiece. I even considered at one point not having one at all. I’d rather keep my money than spend it on something that I wasn’t happy with. I didn’t want something that would be used on the day for the ceremony and then kept in a drawer somewhere.

Then I had a thought. I’ll design my own. I went to the jeweller with my idea. I wanted a wedding band that would wrap around my non traditional shaped engagement ring. It took some convincing. He even made up a mock one in silver for me to wear around for a few weeks. I loved it. For me there was no going back.

Once he saw how well it worked, the real ring was forged and even the jeweller was impressed. It’s without a doubt my favourite piece of jewellery. I love that it represents our unity. The band is a bespoke piece that is completely unique to me. I’m proud of the idea and thrilled that it worked out so well. I never take it off and I don’t plan to.