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Monaco – the epitome of luxury

“Travel & change of place impart new vigour to the mind” Seneca

We travelled to Monaco recently with Rionore’s new collection. It was our first visit to the world’s second smallest country. Monaco for us conjured up images of finely dressed, beautiful people with the most luxurious lifestyles. This it certainly how it is, but we discovered the country has so much more to it. It is a place of work and ‘life as usual’ for the majority of people; the difference being that they are surrounded by exceptional wealth, mainly from visitors. Arriving in Monaco we were all immediately struck by that sense of luxury, but it was different to what we had imagined. There are beautiful buildings all over Monaco but there are also functional high-rise apartment buildings.

Roaming around we got lost in our thoughts, imagining the luxurious lifestyle of princes and princesses, with yacht after yacht dreamily sailing by. So much glamour packed into one tiny country!

If you happen to find yourself in the South of France, Monaco is an easy place to visit by train; in one day you could visit three countries – breakfast in France, lunch in Monaco and dinner in Italy!

With our business, another trip to Monaco is inevitable; we are all looking forward to the next opportunity to explore its hidden gems.