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Meghan and Harry’s Wedding Jewellery

Love them or loathe them the royal family do hold a certain curiosity. Princes William and Harry are the current generation and they seem to be doing things their own way. They conduct themselves with a respect for tradition and seamlessly slip in the modern without too much pomp and gesture. However if there is one event that requires a little bit of pageantry, it’s a wedding.

When the engagement of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle was announced the countdown to the biggest event of the year was on. Every woman and possibly many men had numerous questions. How many bridesmaids will she have? Will he wear a suit? Who will be invited? How will she style her hair and makeup? What will her dress be like? Finally and most importantly for us, what jewels will she choose to finish her wedding ensemble?

Starting with the wedding bands the couple broke with tradition and the groom chose a textured platinum ring. Meghan’s followed convention and was fashioned from a piece of Welsh gold. This gold has been traditionally used in royal weddings since the Queen Mother’s wedding in 1923. Both rings were made by the court jeweller Cleave and Company.

The bride borrowed from the Queen’s vault for her tiara. Entitled the Queen Mary Diamond Bandeau this diamond headdress is a flexible band. It was fashioned to hold a floral-shaped detachable brooch in the centre. The brooch was given to Queen Mary as a wedding present in 1893. Here at Rionore we believe that classic shapes and style never go out of fashion and this piece is testament to that.

Cartier was the next stop where Meghan chose diamond stud earrings and a bracelet to complement her elegant Givenchy gown. You’ll hear this again and again but a simple pair of unique stud earrings is always a good choice. The Galanterie de Cartier earrings were 18 k white gold. Each one set with a brilliant-cut diamond and paved with, yes more brilliant cut diamonds. They fitted Meghan’s style perfectly.

The final touch adorned her right wrist. The Reflection de Cartier bracelet is composed of 104 brilliant-cut diamonds and 52 baguette-cut diamonds. Also 18K white gold the perfectly balanced design paired the two cuts splendidly. Cartier was founded in 1847 and these pieces can show you why they still remain world famous. They were classic, smart and sophisticated not to mention beautiful just like the happy couple.

We would like to wish the newly titled Duke and Duchess of Sussex all the best in their lives together. May their love stand the test of time just like elegant diamonds and exquisite earrings do.