Rionore Jewellery Design Sketch

The design inspiration for our current Irish jewellery collection came from the Celtic knot, also known as the ‘Celtic Triquetra’; the endless intertwining knots a celebration of eternal love. It also representing things connected – land/air/sea, mind/body/spirit, creation/wisdom/innocence– like a Venn Diagram allowing different colours and classes of things to exist separately but also together.

Each piece in the collection is designed to be worn individually or matched in combination with any other pieces in the collection. All pieces are designed to feel comfortable to wear, right down to the gentle, softened curves where the jewellery touches your body. We decided to make the collection in sterling silver for it’s soft beauty (as an aside, silver is a widely accepted as hypoallergenic and antiseptic) and in rose gold plate for the warmth of its colour.
Rionore’s jewellery collection is  ethically produced and Urban Mined [] in Ireland and Germany.