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Birthstones, Power and Beauty Combined

We all have a certain amount of space in our brains that is taken up with what I like to call useless information. These nuggets of knowledge serve us no purpose in life. Random facts like eyeballs never grow and that Coca-Cola was originally green are just two examples of the nonsense that fills the Rionore Jewellery workshop. Another one that springs to mind is your birthstone. Everyone knows what their birthstone is. Even if you have never so much as bought a simple pendant you’ll know which gem is associated with the month of your birth.

What are the Origins of Birthstones?
The origin of the modern list of gems dates back to biblical times. Moses ordered a breastplate to be fashioned for his younger brother Aaron. This garment is said to have contained 12 gemstones. These represented the tribes of Israel. As time passed they were linked with the twelve Zodiac signs and then in turn became synonymous with the months of our calendar year.

Birthstones have Power and Beauty
Presently we are mostly attracted to the gems for their beauty. Who can deny the allure of a pair of custom diamond earrings? Many cultures believe that the gems also hold power. The belief that we are all made up of the same cosmic particles lends weight to the concept that rubies and sapphires would have a real impact on our organs as well as our mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

Collect them all
The power of the gemstones can vary from helping the wearer with personal expression to lessening anger and jealousy. Each one has its own set of unique attributes. Although we tend to chose based on the month we are born you could also just buy which ever one you are drawn to. Ideally you would have one of all 12 to wear when needed. Wouldn’t that be the ultimate goal!

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