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Behind the scenes at the Chocolate Factory

Rionore’s first campaign photoshoot of the new collection was a few months in the planning. There were many scout visits to various venues but when myself and the team saw the big New York loft-style space in the Chocolate Factory there were no doubts – this was where we would shoot!

The Chocolate Factory is a creative community located in the old Williams & Woods building on Kings Inn Street in Dublin. It provides studio space to lots of talented creatives, giving them a wonderful opportunity and environment to work in. I am a big fan of Blas Cafe on the ground floor. I accidentally stumbled upon it not long after I had moved home to Ireland. I met Hassan, one of the owners, and really liked his attitude and what he was doing. Great food and just a nice place to be. They put on a delicious lunch spread for the team on the day of the shoot. Gerry who runs the building is also an entrepreneur; Herbel Crest, a natural soft drinks brand, is his. His tonic water is healthier and more tasty than most others; try it in a G&T! I hope we see it in every pub soon

The photoshoot’s art director and stylist, Emma Sheridan, and I met numerous times to plan and storyboard the shoot. Hannah Furlong was the fashion designer; herself and Emma worked closely preparing and styling all the outfits.

I also met numerous times with the video crew, Michael Lennon and Deirdre Treacy, talking ideas, lighting and techniques to hone the look and feel of the shoot.

The day itself was when the real fun began. Hair, make-up, clothes and the elegant new Rionore jewellery collection! Our two models Maria Cowley from Catwalk Models and Chelsea Omotosho looked fantastic. Scott O’Reilly and his assistant Ursula Curran really brought the looks together, adapting hair and makeup to suit various last minute changes in the plan. The big bright space was exciting to us. We worked so well as a team. My assistant Rob Murphy was a pleasure to have on set; so accommodating and keen to help in anyway. Thank you! And thank you to all the team who were a pleasure to work with on the day. The long wait to do this photoshoot was worth it. I look forward to sharing the images when the new jewellery collection is launched.